Quesadillas or Soft Corn Tacos

served with babe’s greens, spanish rice, guacamole, salsa and yoghurt sauce

Babe’s black bean platter

minced onions, pickled jalapeños, babe’s special own black beans and emmenthal cheese. / $11

blackened cajun chicken PLATTER

minced onions, pickled jalapeños, blackened chicken breast and cheddar. / $12

pulled pork platter

minced onions, pickled jalapeños, pulled pork and cole slaw. / $11

10″ Pizzas

BBQ Chicken

babe’s own bbq sauce, roast chicken, caramelized red onions, cilantro / $14

Cappicola and Mushroom

babe’s pizza sauce, shaved cappicola, mozzarella, and a generous handful of mushrooms. / $14

Get Fresh

babe’s pizza sauce, mozzarella, green olives, spinach, roasted veggies (garlic, mushrooms, zuchini, eggplant, peppers) / $12

Canadian Bacon & Pineapple

nuff said / $12

Peanut Satay with Curried Vegetables

peanut satay sauce, mozzarella, edam, curried peppers, yams, spinach, roasted garlic, onions, zucchini, sesame seeds / $12

add roasted chicken breast / +$3

Big Kids

choice of: cheese only, or pepperoni & cheese

* little kids sizes of any pizza available / 8″ – $8.25

Dips & Flatbreads

Avocado Hummus Salad

baby lettuces, bell peppers, honey balsamic dressing. served with avocado hummus and flatbread. / $10

Baba Yukon

baby yukon gold potatoes, spinach, red onion, olives, walnuts, soy vinaigrette. served with baba ghanoush and cumin flatbread. / $10